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About company - A long- term experience and equipment complete laboratories modern analytical and laboratory equipment.

We not only supply the equipment but also provide informational, methodological and service support, and conduct individual work with each customer on the rational solution of its problems. Our experts in laboratory equipment devices and equipment to help quickly and efficiently solve any of your problem, pick up the necessary equipment, advise on individual equipping your laboratories of modern analytical control, tell about the device and the main characteristics of a device, the novelty market.

Delivery of equipment accompanied by a full range of services including not only the warranty and commissioning, and operational and maintenance, personnel training, his training and skills to ensure free research methods and adapt to devices, information and advice.


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NEW! Automatic station for urinalysis LabAnalyt 1600 + 1280

Automatic station for urinalysis LabAnalyt 1600 + 1280

Automatic Lab Urinalysis LabAnalyt 1600 + 1280 is a fully automatic workstation for urine analysis that provides an optimized workflow and maximum efficiency.

Automatic lab test station LabAnalyt 1600 + 1280 (Automatic urine analyzer LabAnalyt 1600, automatic urine analyzer of the sediment LabAnalyt 1280)

- LabAnalyt 1600 + 1280 fully automatic workstation for urine analysis, provides an optimized workflow, maximizes work efficiency.
- Completely closed hydrolytic system eliminates pollution.
- Provision of comprehensive data for diagnosis.
- Offers automatically a report that integrates the obtained results of a sample of urine and its sediment, minimizing manual work.
- STAT function (urgent analysis) for the study of urine and also its sediment.
- A huge data warehouse, which can store up to 50,000 results with images, a large set of tools for data management.
- Can work independently of each other.