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NEW! Spectrophotometer LabAnalyt

Spectrophotometer LabAnalyt

The LabAnalyt spectrophotometer is an indispensable instrument that is regularly used in clinical laboratories and research institutes for quantitative analysis. The device provides high resolution, high performance and excellent stability.


• Convenient and informative display. The LCD screen with brightness adjustment reflects a large array of data also in a graphical format.
• On-board data storage. The system can store results up to 200 results and 200 standard curves in the instrument's operative memory.
• Data can be restored after a sudden power outage.
• Automatic wavelength tuning.
• Switching of tungsten and deuterium lamps occurs automatically. The wavelength range is from 190 nm to 1100 nm.
• Control PC through software. The spectrophotometer is fully equipped and
It can perform all functions in the offline mode. Additional Wave Professional software provides computer monitoring for the spectrophotometer (via the built-in USB port), in addition to other functions such as spectrum scanning, time scanning (kinetics), multilayer scanning wavelengths and nucleic acid / protein measurements.
• Large sample compartment. To accommodate a cuvette length of 5 mm - 100 mm at will. Various accessories are available.